JasonJason P. – I needed to get my patio clean as I was expecting relatives to come over for a few days. This thing was D-I-R-T-Y. I hadn’t wiped it since last year and there were plenty of dark spots on it along with dirt which had settled in the wooden surface. Wiping with a rag wasn’t gonna do it and I booked Carpet Cleaning Kilburn’s services. It really took them no effort to make my patio look like new. I didn’t know boards can look this clean. I didn’t pay a lot as they charge by how many square meters were cleaned.
CarolCarol J. – My sofa is pretty old, but I was too nostalgic to get rid of it. In the end it turned out I made the right choice because I opted to have it dry cleaned instead. Hired Carpet Cleaning Kilburn and they blew me away. My Two-seat suede sofa did not give them a challenge at all. They took care of the pillows, the seats and were delicate with the finish. No more stains and fading were visible. I had a new sofa and paid a laughable price for it. It’s super!
ChristineChristine M. – I have three big dogs and that is why I have become a regular customer of yours. Your carpet and upholstery cleaning services help me to get rid of the dog smell in my home. The cleaners are always on time and they do their job with great meticulousness. The pricing is fair and the results have never disappointed me. I am definitely sticking with you.
Marcus Marcus J. – Hello, I booked an oven cleaning last Thursday in an attempt to rejuvenate my grandmother’s old baking oven. I thought it was worn out from all the years it spent in my parent’s garage, but you made it look like band new in no time. The best thing was that I did not even have to pay a lot for that. I appreciate your work and I intend to use your services again.